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Kiwis helping your food and beverage organisation export to the U.S.A.


With the right business guidance, your organisation can succeed. Let us help you to take one step closer by navigating U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations, making it easier for you to export to the States.

At Kiwi and Associates we specialise in assisting New Zealand, Australian and Pacifica organisations export food and beverages to the U.S.A.

There are many ways we can help:

  • Our customer service is right here in New Zealand 

  • We understand how to comply with strict FDA regulations and required compliance

  • We can assist you with critical export documentation required when your products arrive at USA ports and airports

  • ​FDA Bio-security Registration

  • FDA Bio-security Prior Notices

  • FDA Bio-security NZ inspections

  • Local U.S.A. Support

Services we offer

Does my organisation need this service?

Since 9/11, the FDA in the U.S.A. completed new Bio-terrorism Compliance regulations to protect public heath and U.S.A. economic interests.


What that means is that every facility along the food and beverage supply chain - from the farm gate to arrival at U.S.A. shores (defined as a "loop") - must be registered with the FDA to comply with these regulations. 


Those organisations in that “loop” may include processors of your ingredients, trucking companies, packaging companies, bottlers and other relevant supply chain organisations.

What about my products?

It is a requirement that all food and/or beverages for human or animal consumption destined for the U.S.A. are from a registered facility.


This includes all commercial shipments including sample shipments. 


The exception is meat, poultry and egg products which fall under different legislation. See MPI for guidance on what regulations your products must adhere to.

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