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About Kiwi and Associates

Kiwi and Associates have provided exporting advice to non-US owned New Zealand, Australian and Pacifika organisations in the food and beverage industries for over 20 years. 

FDA registration is required for all companies that manufacture, process, pack, or store food and/or beverages that may be consumed in the States. Exporters from outside the States must designate a US Agent with a location in the US for FDA communications.


K+A can do this for you, as we are a New Zealand-based company with an office in Honolulu, Hawaii.

K+A is not aligned with any particular shipping or air freight organisation, enabling you to choose your own providers independent of your US exporting compliance needs.


Our History

K+A was created in 2003 by Robyn Bartram - former NZ Exporter of the Year. In visiting trade shows and in her close work with NZ Trade and Enterprise, Robyn identified that there was a need to help organisations that export to navigate through the FDA red tape.

In 2009, the company structure was expanded to allow for future growth. In 2016, we have further added to our business with a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, Brooke McPheat. 


This coincided with the well-earned retirement of Robyn in 2017.  Brooke is available for your call, text or email and can assist you same day.


          Victoria Bartram

Victoria lives in Wellington with her 15 year old daughter AJ. Victoria completed an MBA in 2005 at Victoria University in Wellington and at Lancaster Business School in the UK.

Since then she has become a business and governance programme manager and is an academically qualified accountant.

Victoria's skills include the financial aspects of any business as well as strategy and planning.

          Brooke McPheat

Brooke calls Wellington her home with her two daughters and husband. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management and extensive experience in customer service and product management in both domestic and international markets.  

Brooke is passionate about helping New Zealand organisations be the best they can be by building long term business relationships. 

          Catherine Aiken

Now in Wellington with her husband and two children, Catherine has over 20 years experience in the ICT industry including a key role as an account director for one of Spark’s large retail bank customers.

Catherine is currently contracting for a large government department. 

When based in the UK, she managed Cable and Wireless’s Vodafone international account enabling cell phone users to roam overseas and make international calls. 

Our People

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