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These frosty nights just call out for a delicious bottle of something and snuggling up indoors. Chances are, if your tipple is a bottle of wine, it’s probably been bottled and stored by WineWorks. In fact, they have bottled wine on dinner tables throughout the world!

Established over 20 years ago to provide key bottling infrastructure to wineries, WineWorks continues to invest in world-class technology, machinery and facilities to enable New Zealand wine to be offered globally. Tim, his team and his partners have a wide experience in food and beverage production. Their niche in the infrastructural part of the wine industry has meant a unique opportunity to free wineries investment up for the things that really make a difference – vineyards and brand development.

Cutting-edge technology, economies of scale and a lower overall production cost are very attractive offerings for their customers. In 2008, WineWorks opened their Marlborough plant, the most advanced bottling operation, in Australasia, and are now opening their latest plant in Auckland. The cost of replicating the same levels of technology and quality of service are prohibitive for many wineries.

WineWorks now operates nine filling lines, all achieving very low levels of dissolved oxygen pickup, which is a key criteria for winemakers to judge bottling quality. These have been confirmed by independent audit to be in the top three of the lines they measured throughout Australasia. You can find out more about how Wineworks operates here.











180 degrees


That cheese platter at your best friend’s Friday night drinks? Chances are those delectable crackers are courtesy of 180 degrees! Since 2001, 180 degrees have come a long way with Nigel, Frank and Jill celebrating their 15th anniversary with a visit to the Fancy Food Show in New York this year, where they will focus on forming new relationships in the US market.


Jill and Frank’s children were toddlers when they started the business and have grown up with Mum and Dad in the factory. “We all knew from day one we wanted to create natural products that tasted home-made and perfect for sharing with friends and family.”

The words "real" and "the best" are used when they describe their ingredients. That’s because they really are - you can taste the difference!  Making the 180 degrees range of oat crackers, lavosh and cheese bites has been a real journey and some of their earlier products have now, sadly, been retired including Melting Moments and Coconut Vanilla Macaroons.


From the beginning 180 degrees grew quickly, from supplying a few cafes to all New Zealand supermarkets, speciality stores and food service distributors. Exports to Pacific Rim nations are growing annually with strong interest from many new countries – it’s a very exciting time!


“Kiwi + Associates have been most helpful with prior notices, advice and connecting us with the right people. We expect to keep them busy over the coming months as we secure more interest in the US.”  You can find more about 180 Degrees here.


Aoraki Salmon


Let us introduce our client Aoraki Salmon - farming Chinook - or more commonly known as King Salmon.  Their farm is located in the fresh cold glacial waters of the Ohau hydro canal, located in the MacKenzie Country on a high plateau beneath New Zealand’s tallest mountain peak, Aoraki / Mount Cook.


Aoraki Salmon start their life at the hatchery located within the Isaac Conservation Reserve, near Christchurch, where eggas are selected from their prized brood stock at spawning. The fish are farmed at the hatchery in natural spring water from deep in the Canterbury aquafer, where they take the fish through to smolt (juvenile salmon) before transferring them to the Salmon Farm. Salmon are feed on a very natural diet of fish pallets that contain proteins, oils and goodness for their growth & wellbeing. Aoraki Salmon does not use antibiotics or hormones to farm salmon.


During the third year of a Salmons’ life they select harvest the best fish for processing at their factory. Aoraki Salmon process fresh and frozen cuts for their customers, or send the salmon fillets to the smokehouse to create delicious cold smoked or oak roasted selection of products. You will see Aoraki Salmon products in the New Zealand super markets!


Recently Aoraki Salmon exported our first samples of Salmon to the USA. Like many new ventures into the export world they required some assistance, and the team was there to help them. Owner, Andee Gainsford said “I interrupted Robyn on her Saturday morning seeking help to sort our documents for clearance on arrival at LAX, and by Sunday morning the job was done!  Thanks Kiwi & Associates”


You can find more about Aoraki Salmon here.

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