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FDA Registration


Are you an exporter of food or beverages to the U.S.A. including pet food or herbal remedies? Perhaps you plan to export to the U.S.A., and need to create excitement by sending samples over. The US import regulations can be tricky to navigate.

K+A provides registration for your organisation with the US FDA, including the provision of a US-based physical office through our agency arrangements in Hawaii. To export food or beverages to the USA, you must be registered with the FDA and to do this, you must have a US address.


K+A can prepare, submit, and receive your FDA Bio-terrorism Act Food Facility Registration for a simple annual fee, with options depending on the level of service you require. 


The benefits of using K+A's service include: 

  • A single point of contact in your time zone – our New Zealand market

  • Free updates on any changes to the FDA system (every two years, the FDA require re-registration which we do for you)

  • Notification to you of changes in FDA requirements

  • Should you change contacts or address, we will update your details with the FDA for you

  • Freedom to choose and change your freight company and to use multiple agents/points of contact in the U.S.A.

FDA Prior Notices


Prior Notices are required for each type of product within every shipment of commercial food and beverages entering the U.S.A. 


Prior Notices must be electronically submitted no sooner than five days before the shipment arrives in the U.S.A. but no later than eight hours prior to arrival (if the goods are being sent by sea) and four hours (if the goods are being air freighted).


Many clients consider that sending small samples in the post will be accepted.  The FDA legislation states that regardless of methods of shipment, a Prior Notice is required from a registered organisation.


If your organisation is not registered with the FDA and you have not completed a Prior Notice and enclosed it with your shipment of food or beverage, then your product could be declined entry or turned around at the US border, at your cost.


The Prior Notice process can be very arduous so we undertake this process for many clients due to the detail and time required. Contact us at any time for a recommendation of what you need to provide to ensure a smooth arrival of your product to the USA.

U.S.A. 'on the ground' services


Our agent in the USA, Joe Lopez is available for 'on the ground' advice and services.

He uses his vast networks in Hawaii to help and assist New Zealand based organisations get a foothold in the market.